Gardenia Delicia Bread Spread

MYR 120.00 / ctn
Anyone who loves a great chocolate spread knows that Delicia Chocolate Spread is IT. The creamy and rich chocolate spreads smoothly over bread or toast and serves as a great choc-dip for fruits and waffles too. It’s so good. Ridiculously good!
Min. order 5
SKU: OF0110
Category: Processed Food
Product details

a) Origin: Malaysia
b) Type / Variety: Hazelnut Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Kaya, Pandan Kaya
c) Grade: N/A
d) Size: 200-375g per tub
e) Packaging: 12 tubs per ctn
f) Shelf Life: 11 Months
g) MOQ: 5 ctns
h) Brand Name: Gardenia
i) Certifications: Halal
j) Export-Ready: Yes