Dried Ikan Bilis Bulat Sedang (Anchovies)

MYR 21.50 / kg
Your regular, standard ikan bilis that goes well with almost any Asian dish (Nasi Lemak to Pan Mee). Just the right amount of saltiness at an average size of 3cm per piece. Flown directly from the ports of Tawau (Sabah), just a click away. 
Min. order 100
SKU: OF0145
Category: Dry Grocery
Product details

a) Origin: Malaysia (Tawau, Sabah)
b) Type / Variety: Dried, Whole
c) Grade: Premium
d) Packaging: 10kg per packet
e) Shelf Life: 2 years (chilled)
f) MOQ: 100kg
g) Export-Ready: Yes

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